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A new website launched for Swindon based business.

Launched earlier in December, we have put together a new e-commerce website for Swindon based online retailer, Just Liquorice. The project included the creation of a logo and branding along with the design and build of a new E-Commerce website.

Just Liquorice is the brainchild of a local Swindon based entrepreneur and set out to sell the finest imported Dutch liquorice into the UK.

We were charged with creating the entire branding, logo design and marketing collateral for the new startup business along with a custom made e-commerce website to support real-world and online sales.

Below is the display boards used in shopping centres and trade stands produced by our strategic partners, Smart Designs.

Graphic design in Swindon
New display boards.

The website is based on the WordPress CMS system and incorporates the popular WooCommerce shopping system.

Product photography and graphic design was the order of the day and far too much consumption of the delicious sweets! (Big fan of the liquorice!)

The social media aspect of the business will be managed by ourselves with regular updates and news about events where you can by the products.

To see the website in action and to buy your liquorice, click this link.

If you are looking to start up a business or you need an online storefront, give me a call today to discuss your ideas.

A new website launched for Swindon based business.
Colin Stratford
Colin Stratford

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